Our Activities

Tech Talks

What's the easiest way to learn something new? Getting awesome people to share their experience.
We will bring outstanding researches and innovators to Edinburgh to give talks on things they are working on.


What would be coding without a beer or two? We meet regurlaly to discuss some exciting and some less exciting ideas while having a drink. We go to pubs, travel to tech events or just relax.


You need an incentive to start working on a problem or coding something awesome? During our Hackspace sessions people get together to work on their current projects, start new ones or just hang out. Sometimes one can actually make out progress, but sometimes it is more about the experience and learning something new.

Coding Challenges

You always wanted to tackle big problems in a team? You don't know where to start to code for a specific Kaggle challenge? We have various teams working on different types of challenges. If there is nobody working on a challenge you're interested in, you will find some mates in a matter of seconds.

Ready to join us?

Be creative. Be productive. Create things.