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Informatics Forum, G.07

Bayes Centre, G.03

Talk descriptions

Canon Medical Research Europe

Title: Canon Medical Research Europe and AI in Healthcare

An overview of Canon Medical and what we do. We will also show Canon Medical's vision for AI in healthcare is the application of machine learning techniques to rich medical datasets to positively impact patient outcomes.


Title:AI at Intel

Inteltakesthis opportunity to interact with the students and to embracethe academic perspective on AI. The presentation will cover details of the Intel AI Developer program as well as the recent advances within Intel AI.

Venner Shipley

Title:How to patent Artifical Intelligence

A brief introduction to how patents work and how they can be obtained for AI inventions. The first step in obtaining any patent is defining the invention. So, you’ll also get the opportunity to try your hand at defining the essential features of various types of neural network.


Title:A technical talk on AI in Healthcare

The pace of technology continues to promise revolutionary improvements in health, with AI providing the potential to improve lives for patients and citizens. The reality is that improving healthcare is complex due to the myriad of people,processes, and systems that must work together. We willdiscuss how Microsoft is developing and deploying human-centric AI and machine learning to transform healthcare byexploiting data in the cloud, empowering those at the frontline of healthcare, and moving towards precision medicine.


Title:AI at Bloomberg

Decision makers around the world look to Bloomberg for delivering timely business news, financial information, and economic insights. Besides market data and other signals, 2,700+ Bloomberg News reporters and analysts globallygenerate thousands of news articles on a daily basis. Within the span of that same day, more than 2 million news articles from over 125,000 external sources are ingested, processed, and made available for search within milliseconds through the Bloomberg Terminal. At this scale, we need not only accurate, but also efficient machine learning, information retrieval, knowledge graphs, and natural language processing applications. This talk details how Bloomberg uses these technologies to enable content discovery, search, and analytics, as well as to quickly understand and respond to major world events in order to predict when or how breaking business news will move markets –and why.

Excession Technologies

Title:Indexing the physical worldin real-time

n a world where everything is becoming a sensor, a new kind of platform is required, able to ingest and analyse huge volumes of streaming video, geospatial and temporal data feeds in real-time. Learn about the different open-source datasets, their integration with such a platform and how we carry out analysis for patterns and anomalies.


Title:AI with MATLAB

Many organisations struggle to overcome the numerous challenges of implementing AI into their workflows. MATLAB, however, makes it simple. This presentation will provide an introduction to MathWorks, before describing the AI capabilities of MATLAB and how they are empowering our customers to solve increasing complex problems. In addition, we'll summarise our graduate opportunities at MathWorks and give examples of projects involving AI conducted by our recent recruits, some of whom are Edinburgh alumni.


Title:Boost your Employee Brand

A look into how you can best build your own ‘employee/candidate brand’ through multiple unstructured social platforms.